The 2nd Annual Orphan Care Expo is THIS Saturday, November 14th– doors open at 8:45AM and will finish by 3PM.  The event is FREE with over 23 organizations in attendance!!  Click on our registration link to signup and attend.

Location: Peninsula Community Chapel/4209 Big Bethel Road, Yorktown, VA

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn more on how you can get involved with helping children in need!  Invite a friend…. Praying for ways to live out James 1:27.


Doors Open 8:45AM

  • Exhibitors [GYM]
  • Reflection Room [Hall C]

Breakout Session 1: 9:40AM – 10:30AM

  • Hall B: Faultless – The American Orphan (Video)
  • 202/203- Adoption 101 (Rebekah Hall)
  • 204/205- Healing the Orphan’s Heart (Barbara A. Ward)

Main Speaker: 11AM – 12PM [GYM]

Lunch Available for Purchase: 11AM – 1PM [CAFÉ]

Breakout Session 2: 12:30PM – 1:20PM

  • Hall B: Faultless – The American Orphan (Video)
  • 202/203- Creating a Healing Environment for Adoption/Foster Children Based on TBRI (Melody Caton)
  • 204/205- Prepare/Enrich – customized Adoption/Foster version (Tracey R. Crawley)
  • 206/207- 10 Things Not to Do When a Woman Tells You She Wants an Abortion (Shantelle Giles)

Breakout Session 3: 1:50PM – 2:40PM

  • 202/203- A Biblical Basis for Adoption & Practical Application (Patti Cubstead)
  • 204/205- Showing Love to Adopted Youth with Insecure Attachment – A Biblical Family Systems Perspective (Megan Oravetz)
  • 206/207- Recognizing and Treating Compassion Fatigue Among Foster/Adoptive Parents (Dr. Amanda N. Trent)

Closing 3PM